Teach Me And I'll Remember,
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Child Learning Center in Kissimmee

The journey to raising thriving kids starts here—call us at 407-408-2303

Located in Kissimmee, Teaching Time Academy is home to a team of well-established teachers who are here to help your child learn through play and discovery. Enroll your kid in our learning center today!

Play-Based Learning Experiences

At Teaching Time Academy, our child learning center focuses on play-based learning experiences that use both free and guided play to develop your little one's cognitive and motor skills.

We encourage children to learn by interacting with their environment through hands-on activities, including our sensory games where they trace and engage with the first letter of a word, like A for Apple. We also teach them to build their concentration, balance, and proper grip in tasks such as pouring water from a jug into a cup. Sounds like the perfect learning center for your child? Call us for enrolment information.

Mastering essential life skills—concentration, balance, grip, and more

Child Learning Center Kissimmee
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Building Meaning Through Knowledge and Experiments

At Teaching Time Academy, we’re here to assist your little gems in their cognitive, social, and emotional development, allowing them to become active participants in the world.

Through our constructionist approach and play-based curriculum, our dedicated teachers encourage young learners to uncover meaning through acquired knowledge and experiments. Rather than passively absorbing information, they will reflect on their explorations and come to their own conclusions. Our teaching methods are also grounded in connection, collaboration, and choice. Through child-centered routines like circle time, children learn to participate in small group discussions with daily opportunities for active listening, questions, reflection, discernment, and sharing. Call us to learn more!

Grounded in connection, collaboration, and choice

Child Learning Center St. Cloud

Where Kids Learn by Playing

Give your little Einsteins the key to a bright future! Enroll them today and let us prepare them for successful schooling.

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