Teach Me And I'll Remember,
Involve Me & I'll Learn.

Preschool in Kissimmee

The journey to raising thriving kids starts here—call us at 407-408-2303

Teaching Time Academy is Kissimmee’s go-to preschool, offering fun and engaging programs where young children can learn and thrive.

It’s Teaching Time

At Teaching Time Academy, we've learned that bright minds are born from a stimulating education. And the right time to begin is well before your child is old enough for kindergarten.

At our preschool, we've created a warm and fun learning space that allows each student to develop at their own pace. Our programs are designed with age-appropriate activities that encourage literacy and a thirst for discovery through art, science, and play. We also focus on interactive games so that your children will acquire the necessary tools to engage in socially appropriate behaviors.

Trust us with your children's future—enroll them today!

Encouraging literacy and a thirst for discovery

Preschool Kissimmee
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  • Bilingual Preschool
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The Benefits of Our Preschool Programs

In addition to reading prep and socialization, Teaching Time Academy's preschool programs equip your children with a range of life skills that will prepare them for the school learning environment.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, our teachers will help your little treasures develop the language skills they need to facilitate their cognitive, educational, and social development. Our diverse activities encourage your children to gather and process information and grow into creative thinkers and problem solvers. They will also learn how to navigate their feelings in challenging situations, building their emotional regulation capacity to become more resilient.

So, are you ready to help our future generations make the most of every day? Call us to learn more today!

Creative thinkers and problem solvers of tomorrow

Preschool St. Cloud

Where Kids Learn by Playing

Give your little Einsteins the key to a bright future! Enroll them today and let us prepare them for successful schooling.

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